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How to use the wallet

Basic instructions on how to use Tiramisu wallet
These are basic instructions on how to create an account and obtain your first testnet assets in the tiramisu wallet - a wallet for Taproot Assets Protocol.

How to create an account

To create a Tiramisu wallet account press the Sign up button at the to right corner.
How to sign up
You will be redirected to a form where you will have to fill out your username and password.
Sign up screen
After a successful sign up you should be able to log in by using the same credentials you have used to create your account.
Tiramisu wallet intentionally does not require email address as a part of the sign up process to maintain a level of annonymity and as a proof that we do not intend to send you any spam / marketing communications.

My first funds in the wallet

Once you create your account you will see that by default new users are awarded small amount of testnet Bitcoin. This is to make life simpler for our users - like his you do not have to use any Bitcoin testnet faucets.
First funds in Taro wallet

Obtaining my first Taproot Assets

Use the exchange functionality to obtain your first Taproot assets in the wallet.
Clicking on the Exchange button in the left menu will open a list of currencies available for exchange. Price of each currency is represented as number of SATs / Satoshis per unit of currency.
Click on the buy botton associate with the currency that you wish to purchase.
Exchange currencies
Select the amount of currency units you wish to buy and then press Buy Assets button.
Buy Taro asset on the exchange
After a short period of time you will see a confirmation screen
Confirmation that an exchange was successful
Clicking on My Wallet in the left menu will show you that you now have the amount of currency that you decided to exchange and that an amount of your testnet BItcoin was deducted.
New currency in the wallet after exchange
You will now see two additional transaction representing the outgoing Bitcoin and he incomming currency.
Exchange transaction

Withdrawing Taproot assets

At this stage in Taproot assets development most people use Tiramisu wallet to test their own tarod nodes. In order to receive taro from Tiramisu wallet you will first have to generate a taro address / taro invoice. This requires an amount and a genesis bootstram info.
tarocli addrs new
To obtain genesis bootstrap info from Tiramisu wallet press My wallet in the left menu and click on the send button under one of the currencies. ( You can also see genesis bootstrap infos under every currency in your wallet and cn copy it by pressing the copy button. )
Sending a Taro asset
This will open the Send Taproot Asset dialog. Press the copy button to copy Genesis bootstrap info into your clipboard.
Send Taro asset menu
Paste your genesis asset ID as an input of your tarocli addrs new command.
The genesis bootstrap info can be very long string.
The command will gelerate a json string. Copy the value under the key encoded.
and past the value into taro invoice textbox in the end taro assets dialog
Pay taro assets dialog
Then press pay invoice button and wait for the transaction to be processed.
Asset withdrawal transaction
You should now see the asset after typing tarocli assets list comman
tarocli assets list output
The amound you have sent will be deducted from your ballance.
Balance after assets withdrawn