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Frequently asked questions

What is taro web wallet ?

Taro web wallet is a website that allows you to securelly access taro protocol without the need to operate Lnd, Tarod, Bitcoind or any other software required. Taro wallet is custodial as of now.

What is Taro?

Taro protocol is a cryptographics protocol based on Merke trees and Schnorr signatures that allows for representation of alternative currencies and non-fungible tokens (NFTs) on Bitcoin blockchain. Taro protocol is not to be confused with and not related to other projects such as TaroVerse or $TARO .

Do assets in Taro wallet have value ?

No. Taro wallet is now only operating on Bitcoin testnet.

Why is minting of Taro assets taking so long ?

Minting of assets requires creation of a Taproot transaction on Bitcoin blockchain. Bitcoin block time is 10 minutes and it can be sometimes even longer on testnet where Taro wallet is currently running. Taro wallet also currently doesnt allow for minting of multiple assets at the same time meaning that minting can be stuck in a queue. Expect that minting of a new Taro asset can last anywhere from 10 minutes to 1 hour.

How can I obtain taro asset to trade ?

When you create your Taro Wallet account you will be provided a certain amount of free testnet Bitcoin. This is possible as testnet BTC has no underlying value. You can exchange this BTC for Taro assets by clicking on the Exchange button in the right menu and picking a currency or NFT you would like to exchange.

Why is it not possible to use the faucet with Taro Wallet ?

As of March 8, 2023 tarod does not support sending of assets to the same wallet. Taro Wallet is based on tarod and therefore as of now you cannot use the faucet to send Taro assets to Taro wallet accounts. Faucets are intended for testing of your own tarod nodes.

Why is the genesis bootstrap info so long ? - 2000+ characters ?

This is because Taro Wallet currently includes asset metadata such as asset image into genesis bootstrap info.

Have more questions ?

For more questions please reach out to me on telegram. My account is snow88488.